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25 things your parents will say when they visit you in NYC

Empire State Building

Whether they’re visiting from across the country or from just a state away, this city can seem like a foreign land to them. Start mentally preparing yourself now to hear these critiques and comments—and make sure to be nice to your poor mom. 

“Ten blocks away?!?” 

“Look at all this garbage! Everyone should pick up the trash in front of their houses.”

“You should move to a building where the hallways don’t smell like smoke.”  

"It’s not as scary as I thought it would be.”

“What neighborhood do you live in again?”

“Why are there so many ambulances driving by your building all the time?”

“You never take the subway alone at night, do you?”

“The West Village is nice—why don’t you just live there?”

“What time do the subways stop running?”

“Oh look, an Elmo! Want your picture with it?”

“You have to try this bakery my friend told me about. I think it’s close to you—in Coney Island.”

“Where is the mall here?” 

“You have to see Blue Man Group.” 

“Why do you put up with all of these crowds?” 

“I could never live here.” 

“Don’t take out your phone when you’re walking! Someone might steal it!” 

"I'm not going to the Lower East Side, that's where all those SVUs take place."

"Look—there are cute men around here. Does this mean you just don't want a boyfriend?"

“Let's get tickets to Saturday Night Live!” 

“You carry pepper spray with you, right?”

“Let’s find a restaurant without a wait.”

“It’s so noisy here. How do you sleep? Do you have ear plugs?”

“Do you know your neighbors? Are they nice? You should have them over!”

“Is that the Empire State Building?”

“Does it always smell like this?”



Mary D

This is really ageist. This is what people, young or older, say that have never been to New York. Has nothing to do with parents or older people!

Mary F

No, not my dad.  He moved to NYC from the midlands of Ireland in 1947.  His quote:" So long as you live in New York, you will always have a job."  God rest and keep him, more New York than most born here.

Susan T

Hubs and I are the parents and we're the ones that live here and our kids come visit us. Are you assuming that all parents with adult kids don't know and understand and enjoy cities? 

Brian B

Funny piece! But are you assuming the only readers of this article would be straight, single women?

Robert L

@Brian B Not only that but it says 'parents' but she means 'mothers.' No Father would ever make any of those statements or observations.