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25 thoughts New Yorkers have during their morning commutes

Written by
Time Out New York contributors

Even though most New Yorkers do it five days a week, commuting in New York on the subway every morning never fails to surprise. From unexpectedly delays to cars packed tighter than a sardine can, there's a wide variety of experiences you've probably encountered while underground early in the day. Here are 25 things you have probably been thinking while they happened to you.

1. How does that underground accordion player have so much energy for 9am and does he know how to play anything other than that one song?

2. If the subway had quiet cars, how much would I be willing to pay for a ticket?

3. I wonder what level of physical mobility will be afforded to me on the train this morning.

4. Are the other people on this train half an hour late or half an hour early for their jobs?

5. Should I acknowledge this person that I stand on a platform next to five days a week or nah?

6. Should I publicly announce that my stop is the last on the train so that I have seat priority?

7. Can anyone hear the show tunes I’m blasting right now to get pumped for the day? Does that guy next to me have the expression of someone listening to Bernadette Peters?

8. Is he staring at me? Is he into me? Or is he just staring at me staring at him since I haven’t had a coffee yet?

9. If I tell this woman that I’m Jewish, I wonder if she’ll stop talking to me about my soul in the rapture and give up. Would anyone ever convert before noon on a weekday?

10. Is it 6 p.m. yet?

11. It’s like the train knows I got up early today and is making up for it by stopping for 20 minutes between every station.

12. I wonder what it feels like to be able to walk to work. Probably like you’re living the opening credits of a sitcom.

13. I’m going to find that guy on Craigslist’s Missed Connections at the office later.

14. I wonder if he’ll search for me on Craigslist’s Missed Connections.

15. What’s the latest possible time I can leave my place and still get to work on time?

16. I don’t think I have the willpower to either stand up or fight someone for a seat right now. I guess I’ll just see where this moving mass of people deposits me.

17. Are these people seeing through my RBF?

18 Do you think I wanted to be this close to you on this crowded train? You ain’t special.

19. Really? That close? Are we dating?

19. If that woman crowding the subway door who arrived on the platform after me tries to take that one open seat, I’m going to lose it.

20. Why did no one tell me that my shirt had unbuttoned one button too many? And not a single guy took notice, what’s up with that?

21. Why do children need seats? They’ve got the newest legs of all of us, they should just stand.

22. What in god’s name was just said over the intercom and how late to work is that announcement going to make me?

23.. Yes, please sit here.  You’ll fit.  I think the laws of physics are on hold today.

24. Not spilling your coffee while surfing in the middle of a packed train with nothing to hold on to should be an Olympic sport.

25. At this point, it would probably be better if I just got out and walked.

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