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7 things you learned about yourself during the L train shutdown

Will Gleason

The Great L Train Shutdown of 2015 is in its final throes this weekend. After six long weeks, next week will mark the first time that borough-weary New Yorkers can once again travel between Manhattan and Brooklyn on weekend L trains. Goodbye, shuttle busses. Goodbye, overcrowded M trains. Goodbye, surprisingly empty Williamsburg restaurants. (We will miss you) As our long, urban nightmare comes to a close, it seems an appropriate time to look back and see what we’ve learned about ourselves—and each other—during these dark days.

1. You are absolutely willing to walk over a bridge to get to brunch.
Move it, wobbly CitiBiker. I’ve got a 12:30 reservation at Juliette and comfortable shoes.

2. You are not above riding in a car full of strangers.
An Uber between Manhattan and Brooklyn for $5. Eh, I don't know... For $2.75, you say? Hi, I'm the corner of 1st and 12th.

3. Paying for a transfer between the G and J, M, Z trains will now always fill you with rage.
This should clearly be a free transfer. CLEARLY.

4. You care about some friends more than others.
You’re willing to ride a giant maze of subways over an hour for some people and not for others. That’s just a fact of life.

5. You may actually be able to make this inter-borough relationship work.
After getting stuck at one of your apartments for multiple weekends, you probably have a clear idea whether or not you’re compatible.

6. You actually don’t mind taking the bus.
There are worse things.

7. You’ll be a little sad when you don’t have an excuse to stay in your neighborhood all weekend.
Because it turns out there are some pretty awesome things to do right around your corner.


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