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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Chris Ford

9 lies New Yorkers tell themselves when it’s really humid out

Will Gleason

Another day, another afternoon where stepping outside fills like entering a sauna that’s hosting a backyard barbeque. Every New Yorker has their own specific coping mechanism for dealing with the summer days that bring on intense sidewalk sweats and questionable smells. But from June-September, these little bits of self-deception are about as common as sweaty pits.

1. My makeup is messed up, but I probably have a nice, smokey eye look.

2. That amazing subway car breeze definitely comes from street level.

3. Spending an afternoon drinking on the Frying Pan is a fiscally responsible way to save on air conditioning costs. 

4. I'm sure no one on this street notices that my shirt resembles a used Brawny paper towel except me.

5. I was actually planning on spending my entire afternoon in this store. No, I was not defeated by the heat.

6. Iced coffee costs about the same as regular coffee. 

7. My apartment is completely livable with just a fan! You're not winning this one ConEd.

8. I'm sure I won't get too disgusting if I Citi Bike to work this morning.

9. This is way better than winter.


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