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A Harry Potter-themed restaurant just opened in Williamsburg


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Accio…spaghetti? A new Harry Potter-themed restaurant from Alex Dimitrov (Mehanata) just touched down in Williamsburg, and it’s a little bit magic, a little bit medieval and little bit… organic pasta?

Yep, the newly-minted Pasta Wiz will serve up organic and customizable pasta dishes in three to five minutes, all in an atmosphere reminiscent of Hogwarts, complete with medieval-looking chandeliers and a wrinkly Sorting Hat. (Alas, there's nary a mug of Butterbeer in sight.)

According to Gothamist, the pastas hover in the $13 to $14 range and include set combos like “Magic Meatballs” and vegan dishes like “Vegan Mediterranean,” along with customizable options.

Skip the subway and Apparate over to its location at 60 North 1st St. 



Jay E

This restaurant should study Bubba Gump to see how it is done. Or the original Jekyll and Hyde in the village.

Amanda J

Sorry, not convinced. I see a generic party hall with random stuff stuck to plain plaster walls and a mass produced sorting hat I used to sell at a chain bookstore--cheaply made and overpriced. They don't even serve food from the books! Their hodge podge decor would almost be forgivable if they at least served butterbeer and dishes mentioned in the books. Except for the sweets, the meals in the books were mostly classic, homey dishes. I visited the site and thankfully did not see the words Harry Potter. I'm hoping the comparison was made by whomever wrote the original article because if I were JK Rowling, I think I'd sue the place for trying to profit off my work after putting such little effort into it.

Betsy L

Harry Potter items doth not a themed restaurant make! Here's hoping the muggle-hipster pasta dishes are tasty enough to keep witches and wizards from using the floo network to the nearest Olive Garden!

Cynthia B

This is not Harry Potterish at all

Bruce F

Least the lighting could have been from suspended simulated candles!

Betsy L

Yes! It would've shown SOME effort.😏

Jane M

I see nothing Hogwarts-like in this picture or on the Pasta Wiz site. It also fails to mention that Williamsburg is in New York. Don't expect many Harry Potter fans to show up and drop $15 for organic noodles.

Corina Y

Well $15.00 is the norm in New York.