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A hellish morning commute leaves hundreds of subway riders stuck underground

Mondays are always the worst, but today hit a new level when I got a text message from my roommate saying, “A, B, C, D trains are not running. In both directions.” Oh, and it was followed by a note that the passageway to the 1 train was so backed up with passengers waiting to get on the elevators of death (as I fondly call them) that it would take at least 20 minutes to get to the platform. A resounding fucccckkkkkkk echoed across my apartment. I jumped out of bed, threw on the first outfit I could find and rushed out of my apartment. I just knew it would take me just as long as it’s taken Daenerys to get to Westeros for me to get to work this morning.

I've lived in Washington Heights off the 168th Street stop for two years, but the service on the West Side has been insane for the past few months. Delays are happening every other day, derailments have already caused major problems and nightly shutdowns have been an incredible drag. It’s making me question why I chose this amazing nabe in Manhattan to begin with. So when four of the five West Side trains shut down during this morning's rush hour, I (almost) started thinking I should look at apartments in New Jersey.

I get it, shit happens on the trains. But when I take public transportation in other cities, it's vastly different from the garbage fire we have here. New York, I love you with all my heart, but I need you to step up your game. You are starting to act like a fuckboy, and my patience has reached its limit.




Gail W

Nice..but when you take the train in other cities those trans systems do not run 24x7 like ny does. Only come down hard when subway has delays which are not going on everyday. Honestly.

Kelly S

obviously its falling apart. look at its creators.     (hint: the U.S. government...)

if it was a private corp., shit would be clean and––at least more––on time. 

& if multiple companies took over, it would also stay cheap.

Michael W

@Kelly S Yup.  Private transportations corporations would totally make this better, just like, oh, flying!  United!  Delta!  Also, New York runs the subway, not the USG.

Jason C

This is what happens when your society at large no longer believes in negative reinforcement. I guarantee you that no one will lose their job over this.

Bob R

New Yorkers are morons! They can clean up the subways when they clean up their politicians and the sewer level of New York politics. They are getting exactly what they voted for, a subway disaster from two of the most incompetent political hacks anywhere, deBlasio and Cuomo.

Erik P

@Bob R You do know of course that subways are owned and maintained by a private company? No? Moron!


@Bob R - isn't the mass-transit system in NYC run by the MTA? a public benefit corp? they are not owned and maintained by a private company (though they started that way)

Darkside D

Note the comments on this about people smelling on the NYC and other subway systems.

Rread the article.

Girl didn't even wash her ass before she added to the funk.

Richard C

Ms. Hannah, you are not made for New York. I'm from The Heights, born, raised and still live here.  I got to work by keepin' myself moving, and using ALL of the MTA. Like...rising a bus into Harlem where there were more transit options available (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 trains). I used what did run, and got to work only 30 minutes late.

Tough times don't last, but tough people do!  Namaste!

Daniel B

And this was written by a "Staff Writer"? Seriously? The writing level is amateurish at best. You guys need to set some serious editorial standards here. 

Daniel B

When you take mass transit in other cities and it is different, that's probably because you aren't taking it during rush hour, you're only taking it once or twice and not depending on it daily, and you aren't in a rush to get to work so delays do not seem like a problem.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and BART is unreliable, crowded, hot, smelly and disgusting.  Welcome to American Mass Transit in the 21st Century. NYC, DC, San Francisco - it's one giant trash fire!

Kyle A

What is a fuckboy?

Ashley N

I didn't know that Time Out NY was posting Blogger rants as articles now....

Emily F

Haha some ppl in New York obviously need a sense of humor. I feel like this is a problem in America. People mention something that's wrong with a system, and ppl immediately respond with "get out" or "deal with it" maybe that's y America is lagging in so many ways including mass transit, education, healthcare, oh how I could go on. And yes, if you go to other developed countries, their mass transit system is no where near the grotesqueness of NYCs. Their facilities are actually (gasp) clean and (double gasp) efficient.

Lynn L

@Emily F Yeah, but the people stink because they can't afford deodorant.  I almost gagged to death years ago on a train in Paris. OMG! All those perfumes and not one person could afford to buy any. All those pretty smelling deodorants they buy and sell to Americans. Sad commentary and I hope it's changed.

futon y

@Emily F Loved the comment. Sadly in my own experience that's the default attitude of the average "though new yorker" so proud to be as such to the point that in the face of even the most absurd and unjustifiable event causing an hardship [fill in with ANYTHING, it won't matter how extreme], they will lash at anyone who would even dare suggesting to report or try and do something about it. There "illuminated minds" are the actual enablers who with each "toughen up buddy:, keep lowering the bar of the minimum acceptable standards for themselves and everybody else. They aren't even capable to understand that with their nonsensical stoicism, it is THEM who are primary reason for the continued worsening of services all kind of services, not just the MTA.

That said there are some cities where services work efficiently (not only when talking about transportation), but saying that it's the case in all "developed countries" that's a bit of a stretch... nevertheless that should also not be a deterrent to aim to higher standards rather than nearly non-existing ones. 

Being tough and face difficult situation in resourceful ways is great trait, though letting that be what set the standard because the whole community has been brainwashed into thinking "that what makes you a new yorker" is pure and unadulterated idiocy. Do you want to truly be though? Then DO something about it and have the stones to turn things around by making enough noise and gathering enough voices (something that is made difficult because everyone is sooo though hence won't speak up!) to force decision makers to listen and act so that what's not working or has been neglected for ages will finally get addressed and resolved! 

To shrug something off saying "we're though" is a quick and easy way out... rather lame and cowardly too (worth point it out, in case the "though guys" haven't realized that yet!). Getting invested and doing all that it has to be done in order to achieve a positive change... that's the real "though" thing to do.

Anyone uttering nonsensical statements to others in an attempt to have them bend into the same insane state of submission trying to have other join into the mass apathy and cowardice (identified with the misnomer of "toughness"), should start growing a pair and try to turn their brain on before speaking because they're not even capable to understand they are the problem to begin with and they most certainly don't know "tough" and wouldn't recognize "tough" if it hit them in the face!

PS: to all the "though people" who have told others "don't like it? Go back to your country"... do you think you're a native? Unless you are a native American you better shut up and avoid making a sad spectacle of your ignorance and bigotry. What's even sadder is that these people actually think that by making such empty, obtuse and imbecilic statements is the correct way to improve things.

Natalia V

Glad I'm not the only one rolling my eyes over the horrible writing.

Hannah, or Christie, or Dillan, Caitlin, whatever you're called: You're in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, my second home after the Bronx. We'll be glad to watch you go back to Ohio or Kansas or wherever white people kicked out native americans. I almost threw up reading this post.

Overpopulation causes problems with the MTA. We were just fine before the privileged millennials invaded here to gentrify. I'm a Millennial too, but having none of that.

Matthias C

I get it, there's some poor writing on this post. But seriously, you sound worse than Hannah/Christie/whatever else. 

You weren't just fine before privileged millennials "invaded" here. You lived in a city with a 110+ year old mass transit system plagued with problems, signal delays, and yes, track garbage fires. 

Maybe you can do the other silent new yorkers here a favor and take your self-righteous, condescending tone somewhere else. Or you know, keep bringing your racist, annoying tone into the comments section while we all sigh and decide to quit the internet for the night. 


Let me know how Boston's T, DC's Metro, or San Francisco's BART are a "vast difference from the garbage fire" that you have in New York. It's clear you have little idea how nice you have it in NYC, never mind the incredible privilege of HAVING a mass transit system at all.


white girls say fuckboy?

Natalia V

Yeah she needs to chill. I'm Latina from the Bronx, and nor even I use words our of context like that.

Benjamin R

please move to new jersey and leave us alone i hear montclair has some awesome nabes and the GWB is great for commuting

Brian M

Um, welcome to life in NYC since time immemorial. Suck it up.

Greg I

you lost me at nabe. welcome to nyc, its called a f-ing neighborhood 

Andrey G

Anything can happen. Take it easy. It's life

John G

Wait til mercury retrograde hits in the middle of Phase 2 of the LIRR project - August 12

Pedro L

This is something that has taken more than 20 years in the making. I believe this infrastructure like most of the roads and bridges are in complete neglect. They've given what's been there for more than 100 years maintenance so everything runs, more or less, but it's all falling into pieces, Now, they have to fix it, at everyone's expense. Its horrible, it's this chaos or a major disaster in one of those subway lines, it's a miracle it hasn't happened yet

El P

Fuck boys have feelings too, you know!

David S

Very poorly written article. The headline suggests the article is about delayed trains. But you use the word I so much I would think the article is about you. This is a pathetic attempt at journalism.


@Nelson R. Commenter doesn't mean self-righteous a$swipe, either. ...It's a blog. She can say "I" and tell her story. Don't like it? Don't read it. Start your own blog. Quit being dumb.

David B

"I get it, shit happens on the trains. But when I take public transportation in other cities, it's a vast difference from the garbage fire we have here. New York, I love you with all my heart, but I need you to step you your game. You are starting to act like a fuckboy and my patience has reached its limit." 

WTF does that even mean? Tell me you don't get paid to write this drivel. 

Natalia V

Meanwhile actual writers either get unnoticed or rejected.

Meggie M

Obviously Hannah has not been following the commuting situation re: NJ?