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After the Undateables: A classic fade out

Written by
Dana Varinsky

Each week in our Undateables column, we pair up two lovelorn New Yorkers and send them on a blind date to see if they’re a match. Ever wondered whether any dates turned into something more? So have we. This week, in honor of our singles issue, we’re following up with five former daters to see how things panned out. Today, Robyn tells us what happened with Joe.

The date: Joe and Robyn met for dinner and drinks in Astoria, and hit it off. They had an awkward almost-kiss at the end of the night, then agreed to a redo, and did it right. Both said they'd like to hang out again soon. 

And then: 
Robyn: We set up a second date right away—We both wanted it. We went to a pizza restaurant, but it felt more friendly the second time. I walked him to his class after, and he kissed me goodnight. It was raining, so I thought that was cute. But after that he did the classic fade out. It wasn’t ghosting, which is where they just disappear and you get radio silence. He responded, but didn’t initiate conversation. I asked him if he wanted to hang out again two or three times. He wasn’t ignoring me, but he kept saying he was busy. Eventually I was like, Okay, he’s not interested. I can take a hint. When you’re the person reaching out you always feel disappointed, but it didn’t bother me that much. I'm surprised I haven’t run into him, though, because we live on the same train line. Now I’ll probably jinx myself and see him somewhere.

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