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After the Undateables: A terrible second date

Written by
Dana Varinsky

Each week in our Undateables column, we pair up two lovelorn New Yorkers and send them on a blind date to see if they’re a match. Ever wondered whether any dates turned into something more? So have we. This week, in honor of our singles issue, we’re following up with five former daters to see how things panned out. First up: Amanda tells us what happened when she saw John again. 

The date: John and Amanda totally hit it off. By the end of the night, they'd already planned a second date, and they kissed goodnight before Amanda got on the train. Both were excited to hang out again. 

And then:
Amanda: "We had contact minutes after our date. We set up a second date, and remained in constant contact until then. And then, it all went downhill. First, he was late, which made us miss a show we were going to see. I understood, because MTA can be blamed for everything, but it was a friend's show, so I was bummed about missing it. Then we went to a bar to watch football, where he proceeded to have his hands all over me and get pretty shnockered on beer—What a light weight! Fast forward a couple hours, we went to a second bar, and the topic of men and women being friends came up. He said something like, ‘If you ever hung out with a man alone, I would preemptively cheat on you.’ I kind of just sat there flabbergasted, and then I ended the date that instant. He walked out and left me with the bill. I sat there alone, finished my drink, and when I left, I saw him talking to some leggy blonde outside. He texted two seconds later asking where I'd gone, and claimed he'd been waiting for me. I didn’t even have words at that point. So, our wonderful first date was followed by a horrible second one. I basically got a silver platter of red flags handed right to me, which I'm honestly thankful for. It would have been a shame to find some of those things once we were serious."

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