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After the Undateables: An accidental run-in

Written by
Dana Varinsky

Each week in our Undateables column, we pair up two lovelorn New Yorkers and send them on a blind date to see if they’re a match. Ever wondered whether any dates turned into something more? So have we. This week, in honor of our singles issue, we’re following up with five former daters to see how things panned out. Next up: Graham tells us about seeing Kevin while on a date. 

The date: Kevin and Graham didn't really hit it off. Kevin thought Graham dominated the conversation, and Graham found Kevin a little too nervous. They exchanged phone numbers, but didn't plan a second date. 

And then:
Graham: “As I am the most undateable man in New York, I was always expecting a great story, rather than a great romance. I was a little surprised that I came across a bit controlling in the magazine, but I suspect the reason might be that I'm massively controlling. I think I was most surprised that he thought I wasn't a 'serious' person. I've got a great job, my own apartment and amazing, mature friends. I don't know how much more serious I can be expected to be. It may have been because I was doing standup at the time, so I was a jokester. But I wasn’t making balloon animals at the table. I'll wear a suit next time, and open up with a business card. Anyway, a couple months after, I went on a really bad date with someone from Tinder. We were sitting on a sidewalk outside, and I see Kevin walk by holding hands with some guy. They looked super happy. He didn't see me, so I decided I wouldn’t put him in the position of explaining the Undateables, and wouldn’t put myself in the position of being like, 'Oh you’re in a relationship. How wonderful.' Then Facebook later suggested him as a person I may know. I clicked and saw he's in a relationship. Apparently if you need a boyfriend in New York, you can just date me, have it not work out, and then you’ll meet someone. That’s how it works. I guess you could say he won. But then again, I'm the one holding a trophy in the photo."

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