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All the things you need to do while it's freakishly warm out

Written by
Carla Sosenko

Look, we're all a little sad and weirded out by the fact that it's 72 degrees in December. But here's the silver lining: There's loads of stuff we couldn't typically do this time of year that by god, we are going to do. Take advantage of these awesome warm-weather things before Mother Nature comes off whatever bender she's clearly on and is all, "Whoa, where is my head? Snow time!"

Go sit on the High Line. Okay, it may be raining, but it's the High Line. Bring an umbrella and go amble. The best part? You probably won't have to fight for one of those cool chaise longues. (Just don't, like, sit in a puddle.)

Get that coffee iced, yo! New Yorkers are pretty hard core about iced coffee (we don't usually stop drinking it until our fingers literally freeze to the cup), so most of us have been doing this anyway. But now we can actually really enjoy it! 

Let your hair air-dry!

Eat ice cream! May we suggest Ample Hills, Morgenstern's, OddFellows, Big Gay Ice Cream…. Shall we go on? 

Have brunch outside. The second the temp sails anywhere north of 60, sidewalk tables come out of the woodwork all across the city. Just make sure to find a place with an awning. 

Wear shorts. (Or a skirt with no tights.) Flip-flops at your own risk if it's rainy. 

Grab a boozy frozen drink. We actually think you should do this no matter what the weather is, but it's admittedly more fun to throw back a frozen coffee at Skinny Dennis or a Lushie du jour at The Tippler when you're not freezing your ass off. 

Sleep with the windows open. 

Head to the beach! (No, really.) Riis Park's winter restaurant WildFeast is the perfect thing to hold you over until it's actually beach weather. We suggest wandering down to the ocean and dipping your toes in to get the full effect. Nothing says summer like sand in your shoes!

Be a big kid! Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 to swing, climb and maybe even get in a game of beach volleyball (which, again, if it's raining, not as much fun. OR IS IT EVEN MORE FUN?!?). 

Eat oysters. You can do this in cold weather, too, but crisp, cold oysters scream lazy, hazy days. Hit up one of these happy hours for the best deals on Wellfleets, Malpeques…the whole shebang. 

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