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And the winner of Time Out New York's Meatball & Beer Chowdown is...

And the winner of Time Out New York's Meatball & Beer Chowdown is...
Photograph: Andrew Werner Meatball & Beer Chowdown presented by Time Out New York

...the Ainsworth

After seven hours of balls-and-brews feasting this Sunday, Time Out New York readers crowned their favorite meaty creation: executive chef Stephen Yen's Hanger Burger Meatball built with bulgogi marinade, pickled jalapeños and ribbons of parmesan cheese. The chef was on site all day serving the meatballs, which won the hearts of the most eaters over the course of three sessions. 

Hundreds of guests packed Houston Hall for the first-ever extravaganza, soaking up brews from Greenpoint Beer Works with balls rolled out by contenders like Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room, Brother Jimmy's BBQ and Houston Hall, who all fought valiantly in the gut-sticking showdown. But after all the grills were cooled and all the beer guzzled, there could only be one winner. 

Hanger Burger Meatballs by the AinsworthPhotograph: Andrew Werner



Lindsey W Tastemaker

This was my first time at a TimeOut event and I will definitely be going to more. To handle such a large amount of people for such a long time in a huge venue, I think they did a great job. There were plenty of drinks, definitely an abundance of meatballs and space. The only thing I'd like to see more of is seating so I could properly stuff my face. The presentation was really beautiful, and the restaurant reps were very friendly.