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Are you watching the gripping new Netflix documentary series "Making A Murderer"? You should be!

Written by
Evelyn Derico

If you're even a little bit into shows like The Jinx, Forensic Files, or love the podcast Serial, you need to be watching the new Netflix original Series Making a Murderer (released December 18.) This 10-episode documentary series chronicles Steven Avery, a Manitowoc County, Wisconsin resident who was wrongly accused and convicted of sexual assault in 1985. 18 years later he was released from prison and cleared of all charges due to new DNA evidence and the Wisconsin Innocence Project, which proved and convicted a man that should have been the main suspect all along. Then just two years after Avery re-claimed his freedom he was arrested for murder of 25-year-old woman Teresa Halbach, and there is a whole lot of evidence that just don't add up. Are things already starting to sound pretty sketch? That's because they are. Making A Murderer makes use of lots of raw courtroom footage and you are given the evidence to examine the case. Netflix creates an outstanding documentary not only because of the compelling nature of the case and the ominous "this could happen to you" reality, but as the viewer you are asked to take into account the roles each person played in the case (the judge, DA's, forensic anaylists, etc.) Take a good, hard look at the trappings (and failings) of how the American court can system work in this engrossing new series.

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