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Batten down the hatches! 15 items to snag at Duane Reade for winter storm Jonas

By Evelyn Derico

With winter storm Jonas set to land in NYC sometime between Friday and Saturday, you need to make sure you've got the essentials to survive. It's time to get all Doomsday Preppers, if you please. We can do this, New York! Nothing a quick stop to your nearest Duane Reade won't solve. Here are 15 essential items we found at the store nearest our office.

1. First aid kit
If you aren't already stocked up on band-aids, anti-bacterials and medical tape, consider getting this kit for your pad ($19.99). Or buy a pack of band-aids.

2. Bottled water
What happens if those pipes freeze? Make sure you have at least a little bit of water on hand just in case.

3. Candles
Get cozy and have an alternate light source at the ready. There's Glade or the Nice! brand ones up for grabs ($2.99). A lot of them actually smelled pretty good!

4. Condoms
If you're planning on getting snowed in with your boo, make sure to be safe. There's a reason a baby boom occurs nine months after each big storm. True fact!

5. Electric heater
If you live in an old building that is reliant on radiator heat, you should invest in an electric heater! They're always good to have around just in case (you know, that whole pipes freezing thing) or for extra warmth. (This one was on clearance and the last heater one left in the store, so go nab one soon.)

6. Old-school hot water bottle
Staying warm is very important, kids! Get an old-school water bottle to keep your bed extra toasty, or curl up with it on the couch. ($18.99)

7. Ramen and easy to heat non-perishable food
Cheap, delicious and good to have stocked up.

8. Booze
Because you should.

9. Reading materials
Okay. Most of the books they had in stock were trash. Possibly good trash though, if that is your thing. I did find a Stephen King novel, so yay literature!

10. Power bank
These are handy to have and can be used to charge multiple types of devices. (Just make sure you get one with the right port for you). This one was pricey at $34.99. But if you're in a bind and needed one of these babies like yesterday, go for it and buy the Duane Reade one.

11. Ice cream
I don't care that it's cold. Ice cream is amazing and delicious, and you should always have some in your freezer. Get some drummies to feast upon while you stare out the window at all that snow. Laugh in the face of nature as you enjoy your frosty snack.

12. Fresh fruit and healthy snacks
You can't subsist on entirely junk. I mean you could, but then you'd feel gross. Luckily a lot of DR's have refrigerated food sections, and this one was chalk-full of fresh fruits. Treat yourself and get some.

13. Emoji pillow
Hey guys, I found the emjoi that looks like me thinking about this storm! Duane Reade had quite the assortment of emoji pillows to choose from for $9.99 each.

14. Bubble bath
Relax and use the down time to take a relaxing bubble bath. These giant, great smelling bottles of lavender Dr. Teal's were $5.99.

15. A cute friend
An actual friend would probably be more fun, but we found this cutsie TY pink dolphin plushie for $5.99.

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