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Be Hemingway and run with the bulls, kind of, for charity

By Ned Hepburn

The 100 Montaditos’ First Annual Running of the Bulls on Thursday, September 18th will be a good and true event and young men and women will walk to combat hunger. Hemingway once ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and he ran fast and honestly and then he drank and he was happy. You too can pretend to be like Hemingway as I am doing here. Meet at 176 Bleecker Street where you will be given a red t-shirt not disimilar to the red kercheifs that bullrunners wear in Pamplona. You will then walk a mile and it will be Autumn and cold yet you will be doing this for the Food Bank For New York City and the knowledge of that shall warm you. The walk itself is from 5:30pm to 6pm and it shall be good and true and you shall smile. You shall not be chased by bulls but led by a Harley Davidson made to look like a bull. After you are finished you shall eat tapas and you shall be full and happy and something something Paris in the '20s something something women something something hunting. 

You can register at the 100 Montaditos website for ten American dollars and the sun shall rise on your fun time spent having fun with friends and perhaps family. 


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