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Photograph: ShutterstockCicada

Billions of cicadas are ready to invade the Northeast

Written by
Evelyn Derico

Are you ready to party like it's 1999? These cicadas are!!! That's the year they were born and they've been chillin' underground ever since. Just waiting to emerge and do what cicadas do best, get loud! This particular species of cicada emerge every seventeen years.

When the soil temperatures reach a solid 64 degrees they'll come out and get this party going in Upstate New York, Long Island, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virgina and Virginia.

The bugaboos are expected to rise in June and bring the noise for several following weeks. Their unique sound essentially serve as loud buggy slow jams and acts as their mating call. In China and Japan cicadas are even considered good luck, so maybe this summer will be extra lucky!

H/T: NY Mag

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