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Birthday cake croissants are just the beginning of this bakery’s mad genius

Written by
Dan Q Dao

It seems like every few months, the internet completely loses its mind over the latest over-the-top and colorful dessert—see: rainbow bagels, purple-and-gold doughnuts and of course, milkshakes with slices of cake on top. While some are not so great (or even edible), the newest addition to the viral food hall of fame is not the average food-dyed gimmick. At the recently-opened Union Fare gastro-hall, pastry pro Thiago Silva (Catch) has created a mouthwatering birthday cake croissant nestling classic cake cream—pastry cream lightened with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles—and topped with a pink "fairy dust" made from ground sprinkles. 

Also on Silva's opening menu is a red velvet croissant with cream cheese custard, a green tea number with mascarpone green tea cream and a creme-brûlée–inspired variation. According to the Food Network Chopped champion, the inspiration behind inventive pastries stemmed from his initial concept of experimenting with doughnuts. "I just thought there were too many doughnut shops everywhere," said Silva. "So I decided to try creating a unique line of croissants—it look lots of trial and error to get them right!" 

Starting next week, two new variations will be added to the lineup: cookies n' cream and a PB&J, which encases a jelly filling in peanut-butter–laminated croissant dough. Check out photos of the sweet treats below and stop by Union Fare to try them. 

Birthday cake croissant at Union Fare
Photograph: Masahiro Noguchi
Cookies n' cream croissant at Union Fare
Photograph: Masahiro Noguchi
PB&J croissant at Union Fare
Photograph: Masahiro Noguchi

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