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Broad City takes our quiz: Is this a strain of weed or young-person lingo?

Written by
Carla Sosenko

On their hit show Broad City, returning Feb. 17, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer know a lot about a lot: how to get to Brother Island, how to make the most of a trip to Whole Foods, how to become besties with Kelly Ripa…. (Actually, they're pretty much experts on anything New York–related.) But two things they know even more about are pot and being 20-somethings. So we sat down with the funnywomen and played a game: Is this something you smoke or something you say? (And make sure to pick up this week's issue of Time Out New York—Abbi and Ilana are back to talk about the new season, working with Hillary and lots more.)

Okay, let's go!


Time Out: Is that a strain of pot or millennial lingo?

Ilana: I think that’s gotta be pot. Sour? I’m hoping it’s not lingo for some sex thing...

Abbi: I’m going to go lingo just to be fun.

Time Out: What do you think it means?

Abbi: It means a girl that shows up early and then gets mad that people are late.

Time Out: It’s pot.

Abbi: Damn it. That could be great.

Ilana: I love that.

Time Out: That'll be the new definition for it. 

Abbi: That happens when I show up early, and I’m like [looks at watch], “Interesting. They said they were going to be here. Well, they have 10 minutes.”


Ilana: That’s lingo.

Abbi: Yeah. Even though it’s a way to describe...

Time Out: It’s kind of a trick question.

Abbi: I know that one.

Ilana: Like densely excellent.

Time Out: Yeah, it means cool or dope.

Abbi: Yeah.

Time Out: Wow. I would not have gotten that.


Ilana: I think that’s a strain of weed.

Abbi: What?

Ilana: I hope it’s a strain of weed.

Time Out: It’s a strain of weed.

Ilana: Thank God.


Ilana: Sounds more like lingo, right? “He’s a Glad Max.” “Well, she’s a Glad Max.” But it sounds like weed too.

Abbi: I’m going to go with weed.

Ilana: I’m going to go with lingo.

Time Out: What’s it mean?

Ilana: Okay. So it’s based on Mad Max, maybe. So it’s like a happy cool person who could be like Yeezus-style from the future.

Time Out: Yeah, it’s pot.


Ilana: Off the pussy….

Abbi: I’m gonna say lingo ‘cause I don’t know any of these.

Ilana: I think lingo also.

Abbi: Maybe On the Phone.

Ilana: Ooh yeah.

Abbi: Is it On the Phone?!?

Time Out: No.

Abbi: Out the Pussy? It’s weed.

Time Out: No. It’s One True Pairing, a la Bey and Jay or Ilana and Lincoln, because I think you guys are going to end up together.

Ilana: Oh. That’s beautiful.

Abbi: Wait ‘til this season.

Ilana: Yeah, you’re gonna love this season then, just for that whole thing. Just throwing that in there.


Time Out: There was some debate as to whether this is pronounced “thought” or T-H-O-T.

Ilana: I think it is thought. And that’s lingo.

Time Out: Which means?

Ilana: It’s like, slutty.

Time Out: That Ho Over There.

Abbi: What the fuck.

Time Out: I know! I know.

Abbi: What the fuck are we doing.

Time Out: I was like, “Can you use this about men too?” Because I dislike it.

Abbi: I don’t like abbreviations.

Ilana: A man is a bitch and a man can be a ho, too.

Time Out: Kay, well.

Ilana: A hundred percent. 

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