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Bushwick has it's own scented candle—here are 8 more we think should exist

By Ned Hepburn

News is spreading like candlefire wildfire that there is now a Bushwick-scented candle on sale for $81 that allegedly smells like wood, artist lofts, paint thinner, incense, booze, and dust. Well, we at TONY have gone one step further and made a list of the scents we'd mix together to create candles for 8 other NYC neighborhoods. Ain't we good to you?

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– Tourists
– More tourists
– Chain restaurants
– Your aunt from Iowa who thinks that this part of town is all New York has to offer because she's afraid to take the subway

Park Slope
– Strollers
– The top of a baby's head
– Eyerolling
– Hummus 

Cobble Hill
– Pumpkin Spice Lattes
– Yoga pants
– Whatever Trader Joes has a free sample of
– Frozen yogurt and a Parker Posey movie marathon

– Trust fund money
– A band
– Mustache wax
– A YouTube video of Bon Iver cover on a ukelele 

Lower East Side
– A $600 pre-weathered leather jacket
– Katz's Deli pastrami
– A lengthy bar tab
– Models not talking to you

Upper West Side
– whatever the elevator smells like in Tina Fey's building
– Lobster rolls
– Seinfeld (the guy): musty but affluent
– Seinfeld (the show): aged well but still prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good

Union Square
– 1994
– pot, as in pot you can smoke...or it could be cooking?
– Chipotle? Is that smell Chipotle?
- That guy over there who isn't even holding any food but smells like Chipotle 

Crown Heights
– Newly-opened coffee shops 
– Williamsburg 10 years ago
– The LES 20 years ago
– Soho 30 years ago


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