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Carnegie Deli will reopen tomorrow after being closed for 10 months

Carnegie Deli will reopen tomorrow after being closed for 10 months
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

Midtown workers may want to save room for lunch tomorrow. A lot of room.

Meat lover’s paradise Carnegie Deli has announced that it plans to finally reopen Tuesday morning after a 10-month closure.

The iconic deli, known for its gigantic pastrami sandwiches, closed last April after the city discovered an illegal gas hookup. It took months to bring the restaurant up to code so that it could pass a “gas authorization test,” and tenants of the restaurant's building ended up going without gas or heat for months. (Heating to the building was restored in December.)

"Carnegie Deli will reopen tomorrow, February 9th!" the restaurant posted on its website today. "We look forward to serving our local patrons our gargantuan sandwiches and creamy cheesecake once again. We hope to see you soon!"

The 79-year-old restaurant had announced that it would be opening in 2016 last week. Following tomorrow's soft opening, a Grand Opening celebration is scheduled for sometime next week.



Michael N

I feel this was a scam to get you and i on their mailing list . I unsubscribed from them scammers 

Leslie H

Ironically, I got gas the last time I ate there.

Hater H

In the meantime, we've all been eating the real best sandwiches in NYC at Katz's.