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Clown funeral to take place Sunday in Williamsburg, because Williamsburg

By Ned Hepburn

Clowns. The very name alone instills fear in the hearts of millions. Their overly happy demeanor and bright colored clothing are an especially hard pill for New Yorkers to swallow, what with their mindblowingly positive attitude and all those colors they wear to their day jobs. Fortunately, today there's one less of 'em on the streets. Unfortunately, they're going to be parading the clown funeral all over the streets of Williamsburg

No, a clown didn't actually die—the funeral is really an event to mark the end of the 2014 NY Clown Theater Festival. In a press release, the clowns have stated

Another year, and the sadness returns. Come join us in our mourning and remembrance of the good times and bad as we close down the 2014 Festival. Meet us near the corner of 7th Avenue and Bedford in Brooklyn as carry the coffin and we wail, moan and lose it all the way to The Brick. There we remember the festival and then will dance and party our sorrows away knowing we should live for the moment, and the festival would have wanted it that way.

If you're interested in attending or joining the parade, OR simply want to stay as far away from the clowns as possible, they are meeting this Sunday at 6:30pm in Williamsburg off the L train at Bedford and 7th Ave. They'll then parade all the way to the Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Ave) for a party celebrating the end of the festival. If you are going to attend, be sure to wear a lot of black (and good luck to you), because it is, after all, a nightmare a funeral.


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