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Comic Sans invades NYC subways

 With New Yorkers rushin' to work and generally being unaware of anything at all until they get to their desks, Brooklyn commuters may not have noticed a change like the one that occurred over the weekend at the Bergen Street stop in Boerum Hill. It's subtle. But if you are in any way into graphic design, this is an egregious affront to all those with eyes. 

It appears that some joker—some ruffian, some rube or perhaps a Dickensian ne'er-do-well—has covered up the much beloved Helvetica typeface with that of…Comic Sans.

Comic Sans is, of course, the much-hated font that has been described as "god-awful" and "an affront to taste" by various member of the art team of Time Out New York. The stickers themselves appear to be made to the exact size and specifications as the real subway signs themselves. Due to the multiple tears on the sign revealing it's original Helvetica, it appears that at least one New Yorker has had a vivid reaction to the signage. 

Who is behind this cunning stunt? It was placed in the subway at some point late on Saturday night, according to people who frequent the stop. 

The fact that the Bergen stop has Comic Sans is certainly quizzical. Will Times Square get attacked by Wingdings? Will Wes Anderson's favorite font Futura take over the already twee Metropolitan / Lorimer stop? Only time will tell, readers. 

If you know who is behind this or have seen it in your neighborhood, please contact us at thingstodo.ny@timeout.com with more info. 



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Gus G
Gus G

This has been there since at least February. I noticed it the first day I started working in Cobble Hill and using the Bergen stop. I took this photo of it in March!