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Daylight Saving Time is coming and it will probably kill you

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Like a deranged serial killer, Daylight Saving Time is coming for all of us in the darkest, quietest hours of Sunday morning. And Molly? We in danger, girl.

Just to remind you, it is once again time to set our clocks ahead an hour. This year, that will happen on March 13 at 2am. And hey, that may seem innocent enough to you. But that's only because you're the type of person who would probably be knocked off first in a slasher film.

"It is not business as usual," Mayor de Blasio warned yesterday. [emphasis ours] "We'll have darker mornings when that happens, and that means people have to be vigilant when they're driving because suddenly you're dealing with a different reality in the morning."

The Department of Transportation has warned drivers to "drive defensively and to expect the unexpected" noting a 10% increase in accidents during the week following DST. Not mentioned, however, was the inarguable benefit of having a solid excuse for being late to work on Monday.

Wait. Is this what the next Cloverfield is about?

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