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Does Brooklyn need a Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop?

Will Gleason

Why order a boring old Flat White, when you could order a Walter Flat White?

Walter’s Coffee Roastery, a café inspired by the hit AMC show Breaking Bad, is currently eyeing two potential spaces to open a location in Greenpoint. Just in case you felt like your morning cup o' joe would benefit from an hour-long television drama tie-in.

Already welcoming Breaking Bad-obsessed hordes at an outpost in Istanbul, Walter’s offers such enticing draws as workers in yellow hazmat suits, cupcakes with toppings resembling blue meth and the option to drink your coffee out of a beaker.

There's also a pancake you can order dusted with Heisenberg's face.

A Kickstarter for the "coffee laboratory" is looking to raise $55,000 to open in Kings County which will cover the renovation, legal fees, marketing equipment and more. Rewards include a laboratory tote bag, your own yellow Haz-Mat suit, a Chemex HomeBrew Set and even your name included in a giant Periodic Table of Elements on the wall.

Check out pics of the Istanbul location below to get a preview of the operation that could be moving into Brooklyn roasters' turf as early as this spring.

h/t DNAInfo


Pazar açılış gününe hazırlıklar devam ediyor... #beanbeatbite @walterscoffee

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Walter's Latte. #walterscoffee Credit: @fabstagram ☕️

A photo posted by Walter's Coffee Roastery (@walterscoffee) on


Ethiopia Limu Kossa çekirdekleri yumuşak lime asiditesi, dolgun gövdeli içimi ve karamel notası ile içime hazır. #walterscoffee

A photo posted by Walter's Coffee Roastery (@walterscoffee) on


Herkes Mezun olduysa dağılabiliriz... (Bizimki yaz okuluna kaldı) Afiyet olsun 🍴🎩 #walterscoffee #pancake #breakfast

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Walt Amcanın elini öpene şeker yaptık. 💎 #walterscoffee bayramda her zamanki gibi açık. Herkesin Şeker Bayramı kutlu olsun. ☕️

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