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Eggs Benedict with a side of lasers? Laser tag brunch is coming to Highline Ballroom

Written by
Christopher Tarantino

If you read the Bible (or most any religions' holy book), then you'll know that Sunday has long been known as a "day of rest." Not only for God (after he allegedly "created" the world), but for people everywhere from the drudgery of their non-world-creating jobs. But most religious scholars would probably agree on one thing: laser tag definitely did not exist when the Bible was written. So this means that Lazer Zoo's brand new laser tag brunch party is well within the bounds for everyone's Sundays, secular or otherwise.

Maybe you've had enough of resting on the Sabbath, or you stay in on Saturday night because bars are too packed so you wake up ready for action on Sunday, or maybe you're just looking for something to do after church. It really doesn't matter, because starting April 12, you can grab some Eggs Benedict, a few "strong drinks" and chase your friends around a lit up Highline Ballroom filled w CO2, shooting lasers at each other as "world-class DJs" play "insane music" onstage! 

For a $15 advance ticket ($20 including a drink), you get entry and one game of laser tag, food not included. If you're curious about how one can simultaneously eat brunch and hunt another grown adult person with a plastic toy gun, then you're missing the point. Because LASERS!

Lazer Zoo has also thought of this and has considerately set up the mezzanine floor as a civilized, eating space for family and friends to look down on their loved ones (literally and figuratively) as they wage all-out futuristic warfare on each other down below in a Hunger Games-style competition (in closed toe shoes only). Musically, expect the insanity to be soundtracked with some heavy EDM (Electronic Death Music) that will hopefully escalate in tempo to match the action on the main ballroom floor as the biggest drop of all-time comes in for the final "death" before a winner is crowned, brunch is over and everyone returns to their non-world-creating jobs Monday morning. No rest for the wicked!



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