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Every Seinfeld episode is (possibly) heading to Netflix

By Ned Hepburn

Jerry Seinfeld may be heading to video streaming site Netflix in a landmark deal that will assuredly mean that nobody will every show up to work every again. Seinfeld hinted at the possible deal on a Reddit AMA. 

What's up with that, indeed. The highly popular comedian made one brilliant show back in the '90s and has been coasting off of that ever since. The show ran for 8 seasons and has been described as "perfect" by most everyone in the Time Out New York office and as "prett-ayyyy…prett-ay…prett–ay good" by another source. Putting the iconic show on Netflix would mean that the site–which controls a staggering 34.2% of internet downstream traffic during peak hours–could further legitimize the platform as a contender to the big TV networks. Which it kinda is already. Obviously. 

The ability to have Seinfeld stream online could possibly end all human interaction as we know it, creating a Spain-like "siesta" time in American society wherein people take an hour out of the work day to catch up on their Kramer, their Elaine, their Neuman, and of course their lovable proto-hipster George Costanza—who may go down in history as the originator of normcore

Let's all go to Toms Restaurant for a candlelight vigil until the streaming begins. 


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