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Find out if your landlord is one of the 100 worst in the city

Find out if your landlord is one of the 100 worst in the city
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Spencer Means

We’ve all had an apartment where we were pretty convinced our landlord was the absolute worst in the New York, but now there’s a handy resource to verify that yes, in fact, he is.

For the fifth year in a row, the city has released its interactive map of the 100 worst landlords in the city. Compiled from data gathered from the Department of Buildings and Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the Landlord Watchlist brings together the landlords with the most violations relative to the number of properties they own in an easy-to-read map.

The worst offender? Bronx landlord Ved Parkash with a staggering 2,235 violations in 11 different buildings. See? Things could be worse. 

Check out if your building is on the list here.

h/t Daily News



jose r

I want to know why people, when they move, do not complain..venture reality, san Weiss and family are the worst..they can make an infested building look great..its when you are moved in you realize there is a mistake..they wait to act  so they can claim its your fault..once you research you realize that the place has a lways been infested..his office is in nyc but his building  are in ny and nj..they snoop into your finances..they snoop in your apt when you are not home..i called the board of health and they do not care..nj ,, a joke...they just want the tax money..when they do clean up,,they pass on the charges..they bought off my attorney..he told me half way through that he knew him..i never got my security back..i will say there was shady business going on in the building..there was a teneant part owner who blew up his apartment.there were propane tanks in there..people always said crack..i never listen but stay away. it turned out to be can a place so dirty..roaches rats etc,,have medical offices in them...I am lucky I found a nice building....I moved out of a fancy 2000 a month apt because I was not move into this health deteriorated fast.