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Find out whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper before your next ride with this site

Find out whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper before your next ride with this site
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Surge pricing is annoying, and with Uber and Lyft so fiercely competing, it's hard to keep track of who has better pricing all the time. If you don't want to flip back and forth between the apps comparing costs, now there's a website that will show you which service is cheaper at that moment—

Just type in the addresses of your starting and ending points, and the website shows you an estimate of prices. This search I just did on a ride from Williamsburg to our offices in Times Square came back with this:







So, in this case, I'd likely want to stick with Lyft for a cheaper ride. The site doesn't seem to be able to show UberPool prices for some reason, but hopefully the site can help you make smarter commute choices on the go!

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Al G

I have no idea where you're getting this bogus information but not only should you do more research on what you're trying to comment on but you should also consider a few lessons in grammar as well. Have you even read your post? Probably not, and it's actually scary, to say the least. Wow! You know, it ceases to amaze me how many people are sudden "EXPERTS" on topics that you can clearly tell that they know little to nothing about. But yet they'll sit here giving their "EXPERTISE" on it, and speak like they have ALL THE ANSWERS, and don't know anything.

@Jeremy H- You know, there's a saying: "If you keep your mouth closed, people won't know what you don't know. But once you open your mouth, everyone now knows what you don't know. " Valuable information there. If I we're you, I'd take it for what it's worth. Now, you can take that to the bank and cash that.

Unlicensed Businesses.... lol. How are you considered a business without a license? I bet Jeremy H. knows

Jeremy H

Unlicensed business there getting sued in every city in the united states the driver does fake charged saying some puked in the knowing they did not thay drive with just regular insurance there is only to companys in clearwater fl gor the whole state I asked a driver I wanted to drive for uber then I asked him what kind of insurance do I need the driver told me regular standard insurance and he said gico gico does not do taxi or car service insurance unsafe people some of the drivers are on felony probation here in the tampa bay fl

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