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Photograph: Street: Creative Commons/Flickr/Roey Ahram Portrait: Courtesy Bobby Hicks

Five awesome fall fashion items Bobby Hicks found on the Lower East Side

Written by
Jennifer Picht

What happens when you ask fashion heavyweights to scour one of New York’s most stylish neighborhoods for awesome fall looks but only give them $250? You’re about to find out.

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There are still plenty of bargains to be had on the Lower East Side—the neighborhood was dubbed the bargain district before the condos took over—and these days you have even cooler shops to raid (yes, really). So we asked blogger Bobby Hicks, who nails the whole James Dean–esque menswear thing, to take us through one of his favorite nabe’s most rockin’ shops. (“Not many shopping neighborhoods have this power,” he tells us.) And he promises that if you follow his tips, “You’ll be a noirish badass from hell.” Well, that is if you also “invest in more tattoos and, perhaps, a motorcycle.” We hear ya, but we only have so much money, Bobby.

Here are Hicks’s five must-have items (for under $250, we might add) for fall. 

Schott Nylon Cafe Racer, $90, at Nick and Son Clothing Company, 161 Orchard St (212-253-7588,

“A Cafe Racer jacket is one of the iconic and timeless pieces every guy that ever wanted a motorcycle should have.”

Too Fast Set Sail tee, $25, at Grit N Glory, 186 Orchard St (212-253-2775, 

“I love this shirt for its cold, classic tattoo style.”

American Apparel Slim Slack pants, $39, at American Apparel, 183 E Houston St (212-598-4600,

“Slim slacks have been my go-to for a long time, and since these pants are a great price and from a respectable brand, they’ll be a welcome addition this fall.”

Macbeth Adams shoes$30, at MooShoes, 78 Orchard St (212-254-6512,

“Macbeth is a great company that honors comfort with sustainability.”

By Robert James Blastwells sunglasses, $60, at By Robert James, 74 Orchard St (212-253-2121,

“Top off your look with these round frames and you’ll be a noirish badass from hell. Now, just invest in more tattoos.”

Photographs by Raydene Salinas. Styled by Jessica Lundgren. 

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