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Five vintage bags for your inner sassy old lady

Five vintage bags for your inner sassy old lady
Photograph: Courtesy Ethel + Frank

If you, like us, love sifting for vintage threads and thirfty throwbacks then you need to put this new Brooklyn e-tailer on your radar stat. The site, Ethel + Frank, believes old is actually pretty rad and claims, “When it comes to fashion, old ladies are the shit. They ignore magazines and trends because more than anyone, they know style has little to do with the outfit you wear.” Damn straight. 

But here’s the thing, while these pre-owned bags are meant for all you elderly-loving, no-f*cks-to-give shoppers at heart, the styles the brand resources from the web, estate sales and thrift stores are actually real freakin’ cute (and reasonably priced). You wouldn't guess that some of these add-ons are, in fact, vintage. Here's proof. 

"She liked to sip her espresso outside the cafe and watch birds poop on tourists.Samantha, $70



















"After outliving four husbands, she got a wife."Bridget, $45






















"That mud party in Woodstock. She started it."Phyllis, $30























"She was so polished and proper, everyone loved her. Then there was Gertrude." Gertrude, $80






















"She always said the perfect sized clutch is not much larger than a sheet of paper and definitely never smaller than a flask." Betty, $125



























Nonetheless, we respect the nana gimmick, which is why we’re really LOLing over Ethel + Frank’s new campaign. The video showcases the sauciest and sassiest old lady modeling the site’s latest finds. Warning: This grandma can twerk, but don’t just take our word for it. Watch her shake her groove thing below. 

ETHEL + FRANK: Pinky from Ethel + Frank on Vimeo.