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Five ways to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future

Written by
Dan Q Dao

It's been nearly three decades since Marty McFly and Doc Brown first travelled to the future, and October 21, 2015 also happens to be the fateful day that the duo visits in Part II. While the film predicted that we'd all be riding hover boards and Jaws 19 would be hitting theaters, we have only Segways and the shark-loving franchise never made it past number four. Regardless, our fascination with the timeless, time-travel classic—orange vests, DeLoreans and all—will never grow old. From nostalgic burgers to tonight's symphonic screening, here are five ways to commemorate thirty years of Back to the Future.

1. Film Concerts Live! presents Back to the Future: Head to Radio City Hall tonight at 8pm for this HD showing of the film, with a live musical accompaniment from the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Grab your tickets here

2. Back to the Future the Ride: In this comedy sketch spinoff taking place on October 21, actors from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater will hop back in the time in an effort to change the past and ensure we get the 2015 we were promised. 

3. Back to the Future Trilogy: 30th Anniversary: Keep things simple and go to the movies! On October 21, you catch the whole trilogy at your local cinema—that's three movies for the price of one. Search for the next viewing time here

4. Burgers Through Time at Ainsworth Midtown: On October 21, executive chef Stephen Yen will sling four special Schweid & Sons burgers inspired by bygone years. Make a stop in the 1950s for the In N Out double animal-style burger with thousand island dressing and end with 2015's Mac and Cheese Burger—sandwiching a Schweid & Sons' Butcher's Blend patty with a Panko-crusted mac & cheese patty and scoop of mac & cheese.

5. 88MPH Film & Music Tour: On November 23, be among the first to see the new Back to the Future-focused documentary, Back in Time, which features interviews and unseen footage of Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and more key cast and crew. Following the screening, there'll be a Q&A with the filmmakers and a live 80s music performance by the acclaimed Flux Capacitors. A portion of proceeds will go towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

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