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Go to a Halloween-themed slumber party at The Standard hotel this weekend

Written by
David Goldberg

If your teen Halloweens involved scary movie slumber parties more than...actual parties, The Standard High Line may have the ultimate indulge for you. Starting Friday, the hotel will host Sleep-in Cinema, its annual viewing weekend of iconic (but not too scary) horror favorites like The Craft and The Witches and Scream, all screened for audiences on Casper mattresses.

You can book a full bed (two people, $70), queen (three people, $90) or king-size (four people, $110), purchase movie concessions and some beer/wine, and settle in for the show. And considering the fact that the lineup heavily features Anjelica Huston and Neve Campbell, we give our hearty approval. Here's the schedule:

Friday, October 27
8pm, The Craft: No other movie has inspired the aesthetic of the millennial Williamsburg woman than this witchy classic. 
11:30pm, Poltergeist: Don't worry: It's not the 2015 version!

Saturday, October 28
11am, The Addams Family: Christina Ricci. Angelica Huston. Cousin It. That is all. 
4pm, Ghostbusters: A New York staple. 
9pm, Carrie: Still too triggering! 

Sunday, October 29
11am, The Witches: Easily the most terrifying movie on this list. 
4pm, Scream: Because nothing says 1996 like Neve Campbell decking Courtney Cox
9pm, A Nightmare on Elm Street: Just be glad this screening is on a bed, and not in a bathtub. 

Some screenings are sold out, but you can still get tickets for the rest here

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