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Got bones at home? Bring them to the Museum of Natural History's Identification Day

Jillian Anthony

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Huh, I have a ton of bones and stuff hanging around the house, I should probably get those checked out sometime," your day has arrived. On Saturday from noon to 3pm, the Museum of Natural History is having their annual Identification Day, where people are beckoned to bring in their spare "unidentified shells, rocks, insects, feathers, bones, and artifacts" in to be looked over by real life scientists (but, sorry, no appraisals will be given and none of your precious gemstones will be identified—this isn't Antiques Roadshow!).

Citizen scientists from previous years have brought in items that turned out to be a whale jawbone, a fossilized giraffe vertebra and a 5,000-year-old stone spear point from Morocco.

So clearly, this crowd likes to party. I really hope Robert Durst doesn't show up to this event. In any case, here are the five things we'd like to bring in to be identified:

1. That coffin full of bones that was dumped in Brooklyn recently. 

2. One of those "I will miss you..." poster all over Williamsburg. Who is doing this???

3. The yarn bomb someone put on my bike recently. Could this be ancient Egyptian thread?

4. The $100,000 Cartier watch that was left at Newark Airport

5. That amazing craft IPA I had that one time at Proletariat that I CANNOT seem to remember the name of. Help me, AMNH.


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