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Here's how New Yorkers are sneakily protesting the MTA fare hikes

Written by
Sophie Harris

By Time Out contributors, edited by Sophie Harris

It's like that scene in Network, when Howard Beale yells, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"—we're so fed up with the train delays, overcrowding and general grossness of the public transport system, and this week's fare hikes seem to be the final straw for New Yorkers. Check out our favorite tweets from yesterday to see what we're talking about. While we penned our own breakup letters to the MTAMatter has gone a step further, encouraging riled-up Gothamites to give swipes away on their MTA cards whenever possible, and lists ways in which the MTA has failed New York. What do you think? A good idea, or one that could hurt the system financially, thus making it worse and more expensive for riders in the long run? If you're undecided, here are some more sneaky MTA rebellion tactics you could try out yourself:

-Play the system for all it's worth! Get to know every subway trick you can—like standing where the gum is on the platform, ’cause that's where the train doors will open.

-Squeeze two of you into the revolving turnstiles, and maybe have a smooch while you're there.

-Know exactly how much money to put on your Metrocard, as per our NYC life hacks tip-off.

-Have some fun with the drivers at the stations when they point at those black-and-white signs, by holding signs of your own (like the people in this cute video).

-Rise above the hellstorm, like the graceful urban phoenix you are! Buy those noise-canceling headphones, or really effective earplugs (a strong look, we assure you). Be the person who can crochet while standing up. You've got this, New York!

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