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Photograph: Grace ChuQuidditch World Cup on Randalls Island, November 2011

Here's how to tailgate a professional Quidditch match in NYC

Written by
Jillian Anthony

Okay, all you Seekers and Chasers, get ready for a real-life Quidditch match right here in NYC! Major League Quidditch (a real thing!) is hosting a three-game series featuring the Ottawa Black Bears against the New York Titans at East River Park this Saturday, and you're invited. 

Quidditch is a co-ed sport (not on real broomsticks and not mid-air) played all over the world, and MLQ pits sixteen teams from the U.S. and Canada against each other. There's beaters, chasers and even a snitch! After the game is played for 17 minutes, the snitch, a player with a ball in a sock tied to his or her shorts, is released onto the field. Seekers must then run around trying to catch them. (Tryouts are next spring, if you're interested.)

The New York Titans have players that were on collegiate teams at NYU, Hofstra and Rutgers. Games go from noon to 3pm and tickets are totally free! Get them here, and in the meantime, prep for your tailgate.

1. Make a batch of adult butterbeer
Combine one part spiced rum, one part butterscotch schnapps and one part cream soda for a magical treat! Hot outside? Add a couple scoops of ice cream. 

2. Rep your house (or your favorite character)
We all identify with a certain Hogwarts house, whether the Sorting Hat told us so or not. Serious Pottheads will be able to go into their closet and get out their robes and wands, but if you don't already have wizard gear, stock up! Get some sweet temporary tattoos, put on your glittery gold dress and make yourself the Snitch, or buy a fake beard and stuff a pillow under your shirt and call yourself Hagrid. Many New Yorkers will already have most everything they need in their closets to dress up as a Death Eater or a Slytherin.

 3. Brush up on your hexes
We want New York to win, obviously, so practice doing your spells discreetly.

4. Watch all eight movies within 48 hours.
What, like you haven't done this before?

5. Make butter beer golden snitch cupcakes!
Try this recipe.


Best of luck out there, Titans. May you bring home the Goblet of Fire to our great city. 


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