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How New Yorkers are dealing with the cold

Written by
Sophie Harris

By Time Out contributors, edited by Sophie Harris

Yes, NYC, Old Man Winter has gotten serious. Your smartphone weather app is telling you it Feels Like the Arctic, and your morning commute was like an assault course. In fact, just looking at your Instagram photos from this morning makes us uncomfortable. In honor of all of our efforts in braving this frigid weather, we present our roundup of New Yorkers' approaches to dealing with the cold. We salute you, Gotham!

1. The bundler-upper
The person who's wearing three hats, a massive shawl, earmuffs and sunglasses. No trace of actual human body is visible.

2. The accidental flasher
Ripped knees in your jeans don't feel so cool in two degrees, huh?

3. The number cruncher
"This morning it was 20, then by lunchtime it went up to 22, but then it fell back down again by 4pm.… Wait, now it's 18?!?" ENOUGH! It's just frickin' freezing, okay? Say it once if you have to, then get on with it.

4. The one in denial
Ladies, your resilience to wear open-toe heels paired with bare-skin legs during this deep freeze is ballsy, but it is also freaking RIDICULOUS.

5. The "That’s it, I’m moving to L.A." drama queen
Yes, we know you haven’t been able to wear your crop top in six months. And no, we don’t care, just move to L.A. already! Eat avocados and cry onto your tiny dog!

6. The ski bum
He pulls his thermal underwear, goggles, giant mittens, neon-colored parka, etc. out of the box labeled “ski stuff” under his bed and wears it brazenly in the city.

7. The weatherproof dude
You've seen him waiting for the train in skinny cotton chinos and low-rise sneakers—sure, a light coat but no scarf, no gloves. His Fjallraven Kanken backpack is tiny; clearly he's not packing extra layers. How does he do it?

8. Scarf-worn-over-the-coat guy
Is there some kind of law of thermal dynamics we're not understanding? The scarf is supposed to keep your neck warm, not your coat, dude.

9. The West Coast native
They've basically been cooped up in their apartment (that includes working from home) since January. Ain't nobody got time for negative degrees, brah.

10. Puffy-coat extraordinaire
Is it a coat or a Jeff Koons installation? How is that person even managing to walk?

11. The bright-sider
In a sea of black clothing and resting-bitch-faces, it's so refreshing to spot a bold red hat or Crayola-colored coat—anything to beat back that all-gray-erryday feeling.

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