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Instagram-famous foodie Gillie Houston (@gilliehouston) tells us how to snap brunch like a boss

Written by
Tim Lowery

1. Lighten up
“The most important thing is definitely lighting, and the best kind is indirect natural light, so through the window, without overhead lights. I have been known to wait an extra 10 minutes just to get that table by the window. It makes everything look more colorful and appetizing.”

2. Get handsy
“Have movement in the picture. I tell my friends, ‘Okay do something useful with your hands.’ That makes the image feel more like a moment. But make sure the hands are posed and shot midmovement and doing something natural. You don’t want to see someone cutting lettuce with a fork and knife.”

Photographs: Gillie Houston

3. Take a stand
“To get a good overhead [photo], hold the phone perfectly parallel to the table—you don’t want it to be tilted. When you’re trying to sit down and be really low-key about it, you’re probably not going to get a great shot. So don’t be too self-conscious to stand up. Your friends might be embarrassed, but they’ll get over it.”

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