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Is cuffing season extended because of the weather?

Written by
Tolly Wright

Oh cuffing season, that time of the year when a crisp chill enters the air, and extra layers of clothing and a distinct lack of free outdoor concerts make even the most independent spirit ready to commit to a few months of monogamy. The fall is when New Yorkers decide which of their summer flings might be worthy of more consideration, and choose to overlook potential deal breakers on every new Tinder date in favor of a winter cuddle buddy. After all, who among us wants to be trapped at home during a massive snow storm without someone to bone?

Normally, if mid-December rolls around and you’re not already in the awkward should-I-buy-a-holiday-gift-for-this-person phase of the relationship, you can kiss away your dreams of having a bae to watch Netflix with throughout the month of January, but this year is different. With no end to the mild weather in the upcoming two week forecast, we're here to tell you that you've still got you plenty of time. So wear that casual jean jacket for a late night stroll and avoid breaking out that no-sex-appeal sleeping bag you call a winter coat. In fact, you might just find yourself locking eyes with your future hibernation buddy while picking up Chinese takeout during the warmest Christmas ever in New York history. So go ahead, swipe right, and head straight to one of the city's best first-date restaurants and bars. These temperatures mean you've got plenty of cuffing potential still ahead of you. 

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