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It’s illegal to take an election day selfie with your marked ballot in NYC

Written by
David Goldberg

In a year when reality-TV juggernauts can run for and potentially win the presidency, it's only fitting that someone as politically innocuous as Justin Timberlake could make sense of our voting rights—specifically in regards to selfies. The pop star got in a bit of trouble when he posted a selfie from a voting booth in Tennessee yesterday in an effort to encourage fans to vote. Timberlake wasn't fined, and can now return to promoting his new film Trolls. But this incident leaves the rest of us are wondering if we can legally photograph ourselves exercising our most essential civil right. Can you pose and vote in NYC?

Yes, but under certain terms. New York State Law prohibits voters from showing marked ballots to anyone, but doesn't bar you from photographing yourself in the booth or with an unmarked ballot. That said, if you're taking too long to decide between Clarendon and Perpetua filters or are photographing yourself in a way that could arouse suspicion of revealing your vote, you could be removed from the premises or even fined. And with certain candidates arousing suspicion that the entire voting system is rigged, it's likely that the security detail will be saltier than usual. Best be careful.

So, to reiterate. You CAN take a selfie from your voting booth in NYC, but if the image includes a ballot, it must be UNMARKED. If you want the world to know who you are voting for, stop kidding yourself. All of your Facebook friends know who you are voting for. They've even unfollowed you because you wouldn't stop posting about it. Remember? 

Election day is Tuesday November 8. You can learn about your voting location and more here. 

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