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L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn could be shut down for years

Will Gleason
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Will Gleason

Yikes! No details have been finalized, but the MTA confirmed a news report today that they are considering shutting down the L train for as long as three years (!) to repair damage done to the Canarsie Tubes by Hurricane Sandy, effectively putting Williamsburg Under The Dome.

Shutting down L train service between the boroughs for 40 months completely is one option currently on the table as the MTA decides the best way to repair the serious damage. The Manhattan-bound and Brooklyn-bound trains run through separate tunnels, so another option would be to keep one tunnel open while they work on the other, but that would lead to some pretty slow and unreliable service.

"If one tunnel is down, how bad will the L train be in the mornings just going one way?" a source close to the MTA told Gothamist. "It'll be packed beyond belief. It'll be a fight. Is that the smartest way to do it if it's going to be the difference of a year? I don't know."

No matter what the MTA decides to do, they are planning on increasing M train service, running shuttle buses and adding two cars to G trains to partially make up for the lost service. The tunnel repair work is currently scheduled to begin in late 2017, giving North Brooklyn residents plenty of time to start hoarding supplies.

h/t Gothamist

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