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Laugh and learn at StarTalk Live! with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eugene Mirman

By Michael Frye

Almost every other month, New York City gets just a little smarter and and even funnier at StarTalk Live! when Cosmos’ Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bob’s Burger’s Eugene Mirman grace New York stages at BAM, the Bell House, and—this time around—the Beacon Theater on November 18th. StarTalk has been an ongoing and growing local phenomenon starting from radio programs to selling out live shows with the goal of discussing scientific concepts in a comedic way and lighting things up for, you know, us "normal people." Tomorrow’s show introduces newcomer, and undeniable genius, Richard Dawkins, and StarTalk alumni and comedian, Jim Gaffigan. 

While the show’s topic is never introduced beforehand, we can guess that this discussion will cover evolution and religion with Dawkins on board. Richard Dawkins is a huge name for the evolutionary biology field with his wildly popular book The Selfish Gene, and is somewhat controversially known for his identifying as an atheist. Dawkins has appeared all over the world in public debates, television series and documentaries praising evolutionary education and criticizing organizations that work against science literacy. Jim Gaffigan is a stand-up comedian and recent author with his new book Food: A Love Story. “Mr. Universe” first appeared on StarTalk Live! back in 2012 with Sarah Silverman and Dr. David Grinspoon where they discussed our favorite solar system, Google satellites and space lobsters. This new formula has led to a hilarious and insightful show that has included teaching Paul Rudd neuroscience and “Particle Parties” with Bill Nye and CERN physicists. There are usually six panelist in total, so we can expect to see at least two more unannounced surprises on stage to top off the night. Perhaps Bill Nye will make another surprise appearance due to the release of his new book on evolution? We hope so! Regardless, tomorrow night will be absolutely hilarious. Be sure to get your ticket for another night of cosmic queries and nerdtastic humor with some of the funniest and most intelligent names on the planet. 

11/17/14, UPDATE: We were right! Bill Nye WILL be on the panel and we're betting everything on a talk on evolution with Dawkins and Nye as panelist. Bill Nye, known for his Emmy award winning PBS show, published his first book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, which not only breaks down the science of evolution, but also details the events surrounding his debate at the Creation Museum and his continued fight for science literacy in the United States. Of course, StarTalk couldn't settle for just five authors, so also joining the panel is Irish comedian and author Maeve Higgins. Now living in New York, Higgins utilizes her adorable accent to swoon us Americans. If you were hesitant before, this update should definitely convince you now.  

Purchase tickets for StarTalk Live! with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eugene Mirman, Richard Dawkins and Jim Gaffigan tomorrow at the Beacon Theater at 8pm


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