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Live in a glorified dorm on Wall Street for $1,375 a month

Written by
Marcia Gagliardi

The WeWork co-working startup has just unveiled a new communal living situation, WeLive, which offers fully furnished apartments (including utensils!) starting at $1,375 for a shared Studio Plus unit. The catch? You need to be okay with your neighbor on the other side of a curtain, and a shared bathroom and kitchenette.

If that brings back too many horrific memories of dorm life, there’s also the option of a one-bedroom (also with a shared bathroom and kitchenette) starting at $1,500, so you don’t have to hear your suite-mate snoring. Or you can screw sharing, and get a private studio for a mere $2,550.

Photograph: Courtesy WeLive.

If you’re thinking, "Wait a second, that's not exactly what I’d call a deal," there are a few bonuses to consider: Again, the apartments are fully furnished with beds, couches, bedding, towels, pots and pans, dishes and aforementioned utensils. So if you’re not a design control freak, this may save you a lot of trips to Bed Bath & Beyond.

HDTVs and in-ceiling Bose wireless speakers are also included, so your Netflix and Chill game could get a major boost. (Well, if you have a private studio, at least.) Fast Co. Design has a few more design details about the units, which were designed to maximize space.

Photograph: Courtesy WeLive.

Verizon cable, high speed Wi-Fi and general utilities are reportedly offered at a reduced cost. Plus, there are community events like suppers and game nights, a yoga studio, on-site laundry, a bunch of common areas, 24/7 doorman security and check this: your fridge is stocked with water and beer. Nope, your dorm life definitely didn’t have that last perk.

The brand-new WeLive in New York is located at 110 Wall Street, and you can even sign up for a short-term stay to check it out. No credit check or broker fees are required to move in.

And according to the WeLive site, "Whether for a day, a week, a month, or a year, by joining WeLive—you’ll be psyched to be alive." So that's definitely a plus.

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