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Locals tell us about the biggest asshole they ever met in New York—tell us yours!

By Monica Melton

We’re way into assholes this week. As part of our cover story on New York and the jerks who inhabit it, we asked residents to tell us what they think about the New York asshole—and, specifically, to tell us a story about the biggest jerk they ever had the displeasure of running into. Take a look at some of their experiences below—and let us know about the jerk face you had to endure in the comments. 

"A person fell down the stairs on his way to the subway and a guy stepped over him instead of helping him up.”

 “I once had a homeless guy tell me I would be cute if I lost 30 pounds.”

“When I was standing on the subway and eight months pregnant with twins, an asshole told me to move because my ‘fat stomach’ was in his way.”

“One marketing exec from a Fortune brand joined my group for a dinner recently. The waiter delivered a basket of breads and individually wrapped butters. This guys stood up, went and got the waiter and demanded that he unwrap the butters out of their foil.”

“The guy who loudly proclaimed that he supported being drunk during his Tinder first date, complained that his drink looked ‘girly,’ snapped his fingers at the server and then left a huge tip just to impress the girl he was with. I would have preferred he left a lousy tip. He was a lousy human.” 

“Guy at a birthday party who, as I was telling him my name, gives me an up-and-down and turns to the next person without even responding.”

“While working the front desk at a gym, a man called me a cunt and threatened to sue myself and the corporation for asking him to check in.”

“A high level TV executive denied an assistant a request to attend a funeral, even though the assistant asked through tears.” 

“When I was sixteen, I walked to school dressed as a black cat for Halloween, and an old man on the street made kissing noises and yelled at me, ‘Gimmee some of that pussy!’” 

“They swiped on a dating app post-coitus.” 


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