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Lost your keys? These new kiosks will print new copies for you.

KeyMe kiosk

We've all been there: you get to your apartment door, fish around in your bag and realize, with horror, that your keys are sitting somewhere inside (or at a bar, or the apartment you spent last night in, you get the idea). But the next time you’re locked out, a new service may make it much easier for you to get in without awkwardly calling your roommate or paying for a locksmith.

KeyMe, a service that stores and copies keys, is expanding its network of kiosks in the city this month. Here’s how it works: you can stop by a KeyMe kiosk (right now there are three in NYC, but there will soon be 20) and scan the keys that you’d like to store, for free. KeyMe will then keep a digital copy of your key in a cloud. If you lose your keys, you can log into your “digital keychain” by scanning your fingerprint at any kiosk, and print out a new key right there (prices start at $3.99). And if you can wait a few days for your key, the KeyMe app (also free) allows you to order a copy of your stored key by mail. It also gives instructions for how to create the key, which you can show a locksmith.

Three kiosks have been in the city since last year (at Bed, Bath & Beyond on 6th Ave, 7-Eleven on Bowery, and Rite Aid at Court Street in Brooklyn). But KeyMe is doing a big expansion over the next month, bringing their kiosk count up to 20 in the city by early December, and adding new services. Soon, kiosks will arrive in the Financial District, Tribeca, the Upper East Side, Flatiron, Midtown, Union Square, Park Slope and Fort Greene. And unlike the kiosks that have been around a while (which will get upgraded, too), these new ones will be able to scan and copy car keys as well, even those with transponder chips.

Could it be that the woes of being locked-out in the city may soon come to an end?




Sam W

I think there will always be a need for real locksmiths. I found a verified network of locksmiths so you can trust them to do the job securely, correctly, and honestly. Locksmith scams are a big problem. Some people really like the convenience of a kiosk but the keys don't always work. A real locksmith like one in would make sure the key works. We drove to Florida and found a Tallahassee Locksmith that helped us with our car key. Check out

Peter M

I have a 2006 honda civic and I lost one of the keys. It has 2 buttons for remote transponder. I rang the dealership and they said $250 plus $58 for programming. That's outrageous. The whole thing would cost them about $20. Is there any alternative way to get a key? I have the VIN number and everything else as well as the spare. I looked on ebay and they seem to be selling only shells, although some Locksmiths In Plantation seem to do it for about $30 plus post. I think they cut but don't program.
mike v

When I lost my car keys last week. I did myself a favor and got a new fob and blade from a Locksmith.... fob was abt $125 and key is abt $53.... Local Locksmiths charge half an hr labor, ~ $77 to program.
Berenice H

Wow it's amazing..

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Correy S

Oh, that's pretty cool how a kiosk like that can copy your keys. How is it able to do that and what type of technology does it have implemented to it? To me, that's something that sure got my attention because I have yet to try a kiosk like that. 

Corey S

Oh wow Dana, that sure is cool to know how there are kiosk that helps people get a copy of their keys. Does the kiosk also feature key cutting services? That's something that I'm actually looking for since the tip of my key got damaged. 

Meg L

This idea of saving the copy of your key in a kiosk is a really unique idea. However, I really like it! Having these kiosks around will give an extra security that if you lose your key or lock your key in your apartment, you can make a new one instantly. 

Victoria R

I would have hoped that these kiosks would be more prevalent by now. I live in Orlando and I still haven't seen any of them. How long is the kiosk deployment supposed to take? 

Chris W

As cool as these new kiosks are that print keys for you, they will never replace locksmiths all together. Locksmiths have the human know how of locks and how to create keys for people. Yes a machine can do that too, but we are always going to need a human locksmith that can help people out.

James D

Definitely a cool machine! I've lost my keys numerous times, or I locked them in my car. I usually call the locksmith to take care of it and they are always really helpful. If there was a kiosk like this in my house it would really help me as I'm pretty forgetful! 

Levy R

Dana, this is a really cool machine that looks so helpful. I like the idea of having a lot of spare keys. I lose my keys so often that it would be a really smart idea to get a few copies. I don't think I have anywhere near me that would have one of these machines. Do you know if locksmiths can make copies of keys? 

Randy B

Dana, I never knew there were kiosks like these that could help you when locked out of your home. I have a cousin who leaves his keys at my house all the time and this might be good advice for him to consider. Being able to get an extra set of keys when you need them sounds like it might help you relax more when you cant find your keys. 

Lacey R

This is so cool! I didn't know that they had kiosks that could print new keys for you. I lock my keys in my car all the time, so having a few spares would be good for me. With something like this, I could get them so fast!

Jason H

I wish I would have thought of this! I love the convenience that this can provide. Often times the moment you realize you lost your keys is the exact moment that you need them! I love the idea of being able to immediately create  a new one. Do you know which cities these kiosks will be located in? 

Sky J

Dana, this is a really smart idea. My sister is always forgetting her keys and having to go get new ones. It would be a good idea for her to get a lot of spares. It seem something like this would help her have a lot all the time.

Jason s

This really is a great way to make sure that you have an additional key for any reason. For me personally, I would love to be able to have some kind of way to ensure that I'm not getting locked out of my house. This really is a great way to ensure that is not an issue anymore. Thank you for sharing. 

felicity s Spammer

Wow, a kiosk for making keys?! I can see a lot of benefits from having one of these on every other corner, but I also would like to see Marcus have an answer to his concern because it's something I thought as well. Honestly, this is an astoundingly remarkable way to "self-serve" of getting new keys made with not having to go to the locksmith. What do locksmith's think about this kiosk idea?

Marcus F

This sounds neat in theory, but I feel like the legality is kind of shady. With a locksmith, you have to prove that you really live in the apartment you're locked out of or you actually own the car. With something like this, I could see people storing the information for keys they don't need and then misusing the copies.

Quin T

That is so cool that they have little kiosks like this that print new copies for you. It is perfect for me, because I am always loosing my keys and needing help from a locksmith to help me out. This way, I can make multiple copies when I am out just in case I lose my car keys while I run errands. Using one of these is just like getting help from a locksmith, but you do not have to wait for them to come to you to help you out.

John W

These kiosks are so convenient. One of my friends was telling me that the other day he lost the keys for his apartment. Luckily, he found one of these kiosks and was able to fix the problem. It seems to me that the person who invented these kiosks is a talented entrepreneur.

Casey J SpammerBanned

That is kind of a cool idea!  I can think of a lot of times something like this would have saved me some money.  However, the only time I have really needed the help of a locksmith was when I was 20 minutes out of town.  I lost my keys in the bottom of a river and needed to call a mobile locksmith.  A kiosk like this wouldn't be much of a help for that.

Lacey R

I have seen those around, but I have never really thought about it. I always lock myself out of my apartment and my car. At one point in time, I had three hide-a-key's, and I used all of them, and left them in my apartment. I think I need to find of these, and make a bunch of copies, and hopefully I will be able to keep track of them a little better. 

James L BannedSpammer

A service like this seems like it could be helpful in certain situations.   I have forgotten my keys in my car before, and it wasn't the most fun thing to have happened.  I can see how people could panic and not know what to do, so it is probably a good thing that there are services that can help with lock problems should they arise. 

Rachel B SpammerBanned

I have never seen a kiosk where you could make your own keys based off a scanned key.  It sounds a little scary to have your keys scanned into a device that can potentially be lost or stolen.  It seems safer to call in a professional locksmith.

Eugene D

I need one of these kiosks in my front yard. Over the past year, I have locked myself out of my house six times. If I could just print off a new key on my doorstep, I would not have to spend so much time in the cold. I tried to keep an extra copy under a rock, but I lost that key as well.

Marcus F

It's going to be amazing to see how printing changes in the future. It's already managed to become a new industry with the advent of 3D printing. I think that one day copy/print places will have 3D printers installed as well. |

Megan J

 This sounds like a good idea, but it also worries me a little bit. If a digital copy of your key is in the "cloud" then it might not be completely safe. The security of the cloud can be compromised, it isn't hack proof. Though they would also have to know where you live, but sometimes that can be easy to figure out with the internet. I think ti would be safer just to have a locksmith come re-key your locks.

James S

I think that being a locksmith would be awesome. Seriously, I would really love that trade. There are lots of things that I would love to do, like designing my own locks or maybe even my own key systems. Then, it would be nice to know how to get into my house if I locked myself out. It's also sort of a forbidden art, which makes it all the more appealing.

Karina B

I believe that the technology of storing a key print in a digital system is genius. I never knew that something like this existed, but I think that everyone should find a way to store their keys digitally. It is incredible to think that you can actually print out a key at a kiosk without having to go through the grief of finding your keys or calling a roommate. I think that commercial locksmiths could make good money by offering this service to clients as a preventative action.

Kent C

How will this print a key if you don't have the key with you? I understand that key printing kiosks can be very beneficial, but I think that you will have to call a locksmith or crawl through a window to get the key if you are locked out. I have locked myself out of myself too many times. What I would do to prevent this is put a new key, which can be printed here at this kiosk, and stick it under my doormat.