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Mayor de Blasio on Colbert draws laughs, jabs

By Ned Hepburn

On The Colbert Report last night, we got to see a different side of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Host Stephen Colbert (lightly) grilled the mayor on subjects ranging from income inequality to his predecessor Michael Bloomberg to the upcoming potential LIRR strikes. Mayor de Blasio certainly has been divisive since he took office, angering Democrats because he's not doing enough to promote the liberal agenda and angering Republicans because he isn't a senseless husk of a human with complete disregard for humanity. Usually when we New Yorkers see him, he's either at a press conference or being whisked from meeting to meeting; to put it bluntly, we don't see a lot of him being himself.   

He had some choice words about Bloomberg in particular, saying that his staying in office for a third term "was a mistake." He then deflected Colbert's jab about keeping Bloomberg's highly controversial stop-and-frisk program. Overall, though, Mayor de Blasio comes affable if a little tired; not entirely unlike a half-grumpy stepdad after a long road trip. Considering that de Blasio holds the reins to New York City (and is on the cusp of a much deserved but controversially timed vacation), it's good to see the guy show his true colors for once. Even if it took a comedian in character as a Republican blowhard to bring it out of him.   

Watch the whole interview below:


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