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Meet Grumpy Cat tonight

Meet Grumpy Cat tonight
Image courtesy of Chronicle Books/Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat.

This evening, the world’s most curmudgeonly feline will grace the Union Square Barnes & Noble with her presence. It’s now officially okay to love cats, even if you’re a dude, and we like to think Grumpy Cat’s stardom had something to do with that. Thanks to her signature sour face, she’s taught us all a little something about demotivation and staying true to our uninspiring selves. Like, if life deals you lemons, throw them at someone. Tonight at Barnes & Noble at 5:00pm, the best-selling kitty celebrates (grudgingly, we’re sure) her new book The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy Cat. You need to buy a copy of the book for admittance, and the event space opens at 3:00pm—so if you’re a diehard fan or just really like cat hair, get there early. 

And by the way, her given name is Tardar Sauce, and if you attend tonight’s book party, you can get your photo taken with her. But please contain your glee: She has no interest in being touched or cuddled by you.

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