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Meet the Undateables: Ariana and Steve

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Drinks and empanadas at The Sackett (661 Sackett St, Gowanus, Brooklyn)
First impression
Ariana: “I got there a minute before him. He was skinny-nerdy cute. He asked me how to pronounce my name, which not a lot of people do­—I appreciated that.”
Steve: “She was sitting down when I got there. Physically, she was really not my type. Her haircut was not appealing—she said she did it for a role, but it turned me off.”
Ariana: “We didn’t stop talking until we left. It wasn’t awkward. He was kind of like a male version of me. My chemistry tends to come from personality, so that was definitely there.”
Steve: “She was talking a lot but wasn’t earning the real estate her mouth was snatching. I’d rather find a conversation topic naturally, not just keep the motor spinning so things don’t get silent.”
On being single
Ariana: “I have a hard time with chemistry because usually if I’m physically attracted, they turn out to be complete jerks. The guys I’ve seen over the years that are charming and smooth end up not being very nice.”
Steve: “Girlfriends aren’t like lemons—you can’t just go pick one up. Your time is all you have, so who you spend that with is a big deal. I don’t feel pressured about being single. I’m not panicked about trying to find someone to get off the bus with.”
Ariana: “He walked with me to the train and got my number. He didn’t go in for a kiss or anything.”
Steve: “As a politeness, I did the formality of getting her number and hugging, but that was just to keep it easy. I don’t intend to use the number.”
In three words
Ariana: Steve is " Witty, attentive and an instigator."
Steve: Ariana is "Jovial, talky and big.”
Ariana: “It was a great date. Maybe I had low expectations, but I felt like it went really well. I’d see him again if he calls.”
Steve: “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what someone looks like, because you just click as people, but we really didn’t. Nothing will come out of it.”

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