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Meet the Undateables: Bill and Matt

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner and wine at KTCHN (508 W 42nd St, 212-868-2999)

First impression
Bill: “He had on leather pants, which was a bold choice. I could see why we’d get set up, but he’s not my type. He’s energetic; I usually like the strong silent type.”
Matt: “He walked in right behind me. He was very handsome. He knew who he was and was very together. But you get a vibe, and I was only vibing on a friendship level.”

Bill: “It was typical first-date interview questions for the most part.  As we had more wine, it got more interesting and less diplomatic, but it didn’t make him more my type.”
Matt: “It wasn’t hard to connect on a conversational level. He’s intelligent, witty. But what he does and what I do are completely different things.”

Bill: “No number exchange. I don’t even think he knows my last name. There was a mutual understanding, and it was fine: There’s no romantic future between us.”
Matt: “I said goodbye, we hugged, and that was it. I didn’t give him my number. If it’s meant to be, maybe I’ll bump into him again. It was a nice night.” 

Awkward moment
Bill: “I was ready to go after we had an extra glass of wine. I feel a little bad, because I may have hurried the end because I needed to get home.”
Matt: “I work with [Real Housewife] Aviva Drescher, and was on the show. He was like, ‘I could never go out with somebody who’s been on a reality show.’ I just shut up.” 

In three words
Bill: Matt is "energetic, friendly and interesting."
Matt: Bill is "handsome, self-assured and charming.”

Bill: “I don’t have anything bad to say about him. We could be friends down the road, but I don’t see how our paths would cross. He’s definitely a character.”
Matt: “It was an enjoyable evening with somebody I could see again but on a social level. I like to put myself out there, and he’s a behind-the-scenes person.”

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