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Meet the Undateables: Britt and Jen

By Dana Varinsky

The date: Dinner at Casablanca (189 E 3rd St, 212-982-383)

First impression
Britt: “She had a feminine vibe, and my type tends to be more masculine. I go for androgynous-looking women who can rock a bowtie or a suit.” 
Jen: “She had an inviting personality, but she isn’t someone I’d approach in a bar. She had an interesting, hidden quality about her. I guess she was slightly not my type.”

Britt: “We had a lot to chat about, but we’re seven years apart. I don’t have an age ceiling, but I have an age basement. If there had been more of a spark, I might have overlooked it.”
Jen: “We found a lot of common ground and kept an active discussion throughout dinner, but I wouldn’t have an interest in dating her. I think she felt the same.”

Britt: “We talked about how old-school the scenario was. She said, ‘Thanks for sharing this blind-date experience,’ and gave me a hug. Then we went our separate ways.”
Jen: “We walked to the same subway stop and hugged goodbye. We didn’t exchange numbers or Instagram [handles]. I kind of liked the anonymity of the evening.” 

Awkward moment
Britt: “We were born in March one day apart, so I asked what year, and she said 1990. I tried not to be like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s young!’ But once I heard, I was like, damn.” 
Jen: “There was a lot of Tegan and Sara going on over the restaurant’s sound system. We agreed we did not like it. We were the only ones in there.”

In three words
Britt: Jen is "spunky, chipper and outgoing."
Jen: Britt is "laid back, adventurous and quiet.”

Britt: “On a scale from scary, weird psycho killer to the love of my life, Jen felt squarely in the middle—someone to enjoy a meal with. It wasn’t a wasted night.”
Jen: “We enjoyed each other’s company and conversation, but in terms of finding that spark or special moment, I didn’t feel any romantic inclination.”

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