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Meet the Undateables: Caitlin and Estée

By Dana Varinsky

The date: Dinner and drinks at Holden & Astor (409 W 13th St, 212-675-2400)

First impression
Caitlin: “She was waiting for me at the bar. She was really, really gorgeous and put-together. She has great hair. You could tell she’s into fashion. She was very vivacious.”
Estée: “I got there early. She looked very approachable, nice and pretty. She was dressed pretty nondescript. It was comfortable and fun right away.”

Caitlin: “I go for feminine girls, so she was definitely my type. We talked a lot about art history and how she travels a lot. There weren’t any spats or disagreements.”
Estée: “We both played the flute and have a common interest in classical music, which was great, because that’s not something 
I usually find. But it mainly felt platonic.”

Caitlin: “I didn’t ask for her number, because she’ll be traveling this winter and I’m looking for more of a long-term thing. We hugged and said we should hang out again.”
Estée: “There wasn’t a spark, just a quick hug goodbye. There wasn’t any desire on my part for the night to continue onward to some secluded area.” 

Awkward moment
Caitlin: “She talked about her past relationships, which I found intriguing. I didn’t know where I’d stand with her, because our life paths are very different.”
Estée: “She Venmo-ed me money for the tip 
and was like, ‘I guess now that we have each other’s information, we can be Facebook friends?’” 

In three words
Caitlin: Estée is "cultured, free-spirited and poised."
Estée: Caitlin is "engaging, friendly and musical."

Caitlin: “I could see hanging out with her and being friends. There weren’t immediate sparks, but if she wanted to go out again, I would certainly say yes.” 
Estée: “I definitely don’t see us going on a date, but I’d invite her to see the Philharmonic. We talked about seeing each other again in a friendly way.”


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