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Meet the Undateables: Carly and Hudson

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Dinner at The Odeon (145 West Broadway at Thomas St, 212-233-0507)

First impression
Carly: “Hudson was reserved, which I like, because that balances out my personality. They seemed nervous, but sweet and smart. I was definitely attracted—they were very cute.” 
Hudson: “I got there first. I liked her tattoos and blue hair. We ended up having a lot of mutual friends—her best friend was dating somebody that had once dated my roommate.”

Carly: “We actually both have pizza tattoos, so it was really funny finding that out. It was interesting to talk about all our mutual friends—our politics lined up.  The queer community is really small. And we talked about cats.”
Hudson: “We had a lot in common. We were kind of on the same wavelength in terms of how we identify within the queer scene. I like that she identifies as poly and kinky. She’s definitely someone I find attractive.”

Small world
Carly: “They know people that work in the sex toy industry, and we all know each other. They go to a lot of the same queer parites that my friends go to."
Hudson: “She told me that she works at a sex shop, and I mentioned I knew somebody who works at a different sex shop. My roommate is going to the same event that she’s going to this weekend, so they’ll probably run into each other."

Carly: “We’re not big drinkers, so once dessert was done, we were like, ‘Let’s exchange numbers.’  We hugged and said we’d hang out again soon.” 
Hudson: “We were both headed to the same train, so we were like, ‘Let’s keep in touch.’ I’m not opposed to hanging out again in a dating sense. We’re Facebook friends.” 

In three words
Carly: Hudson is "Tender, cute and reserved"
Hudson: Carly is "Cool, confident and tattooed.”

Carly: “The date was really cute, tender and fun. Hudson’s involved with burlesque troupes, so maybe going to a burlesque show would be a fun [second date].” 
Hudson: “We had a good time talking. There’s potential, but I’m not 100 percent sure whether we had romantic chemistry. I’d have to hang out with her again.” 

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